Graphic Design

Efforts put toward the design of your marketing materials will give your customers a sense of how much attention is brought to your products and services, and how serious you are about what you do. Whether you are a new business developing your identity, or an existing business in need of fresh ideas, we have the expertise to turn your vision into effective communication tools.

Listed below are a few common marketing tools … and some good reasons why yours should be anything but common.

Business Cards
Your business card represents the front line image of your business. It’s very often used to make first contact. As soon as you give your business card to a prospect, he/she will be looking at it, judging it, and since most of us will judge things by what we see (either consciously or subconsciously), it is imperative that your initial marketing tool portrays professionalism and quality.

Brochures & Flyers
Brochures and flyers provide a professional means of communicating the value of the services you provide. Since you will most likely be competing with similar businesses, a brochure or flyer that just sits there, waiting to be found or thrown away, is going to cost you money. The first goal of your company’s brochure or flyer should be to grab attention, then provide useful consumer information.

Newsletters keep people informed and if you educate and inform people, they will develop a loyalty to you. The objective of a newsletter is to tell employees, vendors and customers what’s going on in your business. Customizing your newsletter using your choice of information rather than relying on the stock text and graphics used by those producing “generic” industry newsletters helps to increase your readership and builds relationships.